The virtual office is the ideal solution for companies or professionals who wish to have a personalized telephone answering, with significant savings on operating costs and organization.

The telephone operators of Milano Business Center will manage the calls, individually informing customers and suppliers in real time .

The telephone operator dedicated can manage appointments, send SMS messages or whatsapp for essential communications, transfer the call to the user telephone indicated.

This service offers the possibility of being constantly updated by consulting your email or contact the person taking care.

In addition to personalized telephone answering, the service is completed with the option of using the street address of the Milan Business Center to receive letters, parcels and documents in general. Upon receipt, the customer is notified immediately.

Finally, the service includes the assignment of a fax number with the possibility of resubmission of the same e-mail address in order to allow an immediate optical storage and electronically than received.

With the activation of a virtual office customers the Milan Business Center will publish on letterhead, business cards on their website and on the assigned phone number, fax and street address

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